Thoughtful construction coordination with general contractors and auditors

Thoughtful Planning

Fidelis works with your organization to act as a liaison between the company, general contractors, insurance licensing, company attorneys, and other oversight groups

Effective Construction and Energy Conservation Strategies

Effective Strategies

Our team effectively collaborates with external auditors to ensure that your construction and facility
project is on schedule and within financial budgets

Fidelis Management Exeeding expectations

Exceeding Expectations

The Fidelis management team has a consistent track record of producing results for our clients that meet your organization's goals, needs, and expectations

Having over 20 years experience in management, finance and insurance, we use our expertise to assist companies manage their risk through alternative risk transfer mechanisms. We consult with clients and assist in the formation and management of their own captive insurance company.

Helping the captive’s parent company manage their risk whilst controlling cost, we are committed to work with the highest standards of service and integrity. We have a proven track record with a growing book of business which includes single parent, member owned group, segregated portfolio cell, agency, reinsurance and association captive.

The skilled staff at Fidelis Management Inc is keen on providing you with the alternative to traditional insurance in a cost effective, flexible and professional manner. We will collaborate with you in establishing and managing your captive.